WonderLux Battery Energy Storage System

UKs only remotely monitored, energy storage system

A newly designed solar and energy hybrid storage system, capable of running on-grid, off-grid and backup power systems.

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Key Features

The best choice for a solar energy storage system

The Wonderlux integrates with solar to store excess energy generated during the day, then makes it available when you need it.
Whether that's at night or when the grid goes down, minimizing reliance on your utility company.


AC Coupled ESS

AC Coupled energy storage.


Compact design

Smaller in size and much lighter than most other systems.


IP65 rated

Designed for both outdoor and indoor installation


Easy to use

Easy management with schedule based working modes.


Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and upgrades


Enhanced EPS

Seamless switching within 0.01s with strong back-up


Optimised heat control

Much better heat dissipation and much lower derating.


Safer operation

Protected connection area, multiple protection devices.

Best for retrofitting solar

To retrofit existing on-grid solar system to solar energy storage system could not be easier than installing a Wonderlux inverter coupled on AC side with battery pack.

Retrofitting solar
AC Energy storage

AC energy storage system

The storage system will also work well in homes without a solar PV system. Wonderlux with a battery pack to strengthen your energy system and save money through schedulable energy usage strategy.

Wonderlux Compatible Battery List

The Wonderlux unit, made by Luxpower corp is only available in the UK, Spain and France supplied exclusively by The Solar and Heat store in the UK and Yess electrical in France and Sumcab in Spain.

The Wonderlux BMS is only compatible with the list of units listed in the compatibility chart featured on the website. Our designated partner is Pylontech industries.

The Wonderlux BMU is not a storage unit and will not function without the storage units featured in the chart.

The Wonderlux is an A.C coupled system and we suggest primarily connecting with Solaredge compatibility to extend the life of the system. Secondly Growatt or Solis inverter equipment.


The WonderLux Home Energy Storage System

Suitable for your home or your business

Our latest system allows your home or business to store and save the energy your solar panels produce during daytime, which can then be used at times. All Whiles still receiving the Export tariff at your initial rate.

Furthermore, the system can be configured to charge from cheap night-time electricity rates and discharge when they are higher. The system also has a unique EPS function allowing backup power to critical appliances in the event of a power cut. Be the home in the street with lights on leaving you neighbours in the dark!


WonderLux 3600 Delux

  • Grid Share Incentive Ready
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s
  • 90% Depth of discharge
  • Modular – from 1 to 8 Pylon Tech US2000 Plus Batteries
  • Integrated EPS as standard – No extra cost
  • Lightweight – only 20Kg
  • 10 years warranty
  • IP65 rated
  • On & Off grid capability
  • Advanced Power Cut Protection & Restart

RRP: £4999.99

Available here: Buy solarandheatstore

Certified installers

If you are interested in becoming a Wonderlux Certified partner: